State-of-the-art technology

The secret of the superb quality of our product is the utilization of the state-of-the-art technology, which have made it possible for us to achieve stunning effects with regards to quick and effective hair density enhancement. The application of our preparation on skin causes the particles of microfibers to stick to natural hair, becoming its part. What is more, the preparation does not stick to the scalp and thanks to that – your hair will not only look thicker , but also truly fluffy. The Lion’s hair effect won’t be disrupted due to bad weather conditions : starting from heat, through gusts of wind and rain, up to extreme cold and snowfall. Get your Lion’s hair now and enjoy New fresh look!

It has turned out that it is possible to create a super fiber that sticks to hair 10 times better than other products. These tiny sticks have been cut by laser beam and dyed in various natural colors. It is the only such a high quality product in the world – now also available in Poland.

It only takes 30 seconds to get your hair as thick as they used to be! Based on an innovative hybrid technology, state-of-the-art hair thickening fibers have never before been so efficient and satisfying to use. By using a unique binding configuration, experts have succeeded in creating the ideal fiber.