PRO 25g
Light Blonde




Lion’s Hair Pro 25g is an economical option for an innovative version of Lion’s Hair fibres. The large 25g pack lasts longer and the microfibres themselves are finer, making them perfect for thickening particularly fine hair. This also allows you to cover thinning hair with this finer version of fibres, attaining a camouflaging effect!
The lightweight, tiny fibres will instantly cover imperfections in your hairstyle, improving its appearance while conserving a natural look. Your hair will become visibly thicker and you will regain your confidence.
Lion’s Hair Pro 25g is non-irritating, non-allergenic and safe for use for both men and women. The fibers adhere to natural hair and, once applied, stay there all day. The fibres are weather resistant and you can easily wash them off in the shower in the evening.
Lion’s Hair Pro 25g comes in 9 colours to choose from – choose one closest to your hair colour or mix two different ones to get the best matching shade.

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