Our company is a family business. It was founded in 1999 in Warsaw. It provides a wide range of services and products.

We are just like you – we simply love beautiful hair. For several years, we have been helping our Clients with their hair loss problems. Now, we would like to present you our innovative keratin fibers which will help you get the hair you have always dreamed about, but for various reasons could not have.

We are here for you and your hair.

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    Where to buy Lion’s Hair?

    ul. Targowa 12,
    03-731 Warszawa
    tel.: 22 871 94 22
    ul. Roentgena 3
    02-781 Warszawa
    tel: 22 871 94 23
    ul. Szlak 24,
    31-153 Kraków
    tel: 12 630 04 26
    ul. Garbary 6,
    61-867 Poznań
    tel: 61 649 44 27
    ul. Dębinki 7d lok. 4,
    80-211 Gdańsk
    tel: 58 309 54 30
    pl. Rostka 3,
    40-074 Katowice
    tel: 32 708 70 33
    ul. Pałacowa 4 lok. U6,
    15-064 Białystok
    tel: 85 555 55 35
    ul. Pomorska 1a,
    85-046 Bydgoszcz
    tel: 52 300 24 32
    ul. Lubartowska 36/1,
    20-094 Lublin
    tel: 81 222 22 36
    ul. Limanowskiego 1-13 lok. 19
    10-341 Olsztyn
    tel: 89 621 49 90
    ul. Pereca 23b,
    53-443 Wrocław
    tel: 71 308 74 28
    ul. Bolesławiecka 1
    (wejście od ul. Legnicka 44)
    53-614 Wrocław
    tel: 71 308 74 29
    ul. Daszyńskiego 59/III
    44-100 Gliwice
    tel: 32 708 79 94
    ul. Kościuszki 52
    87-100 Toruń
    tel: 56 363 69 95
    ul. Kośnego 33/39
    45-056 Opole
    tel: 77 307 59 95